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 The definitive ASP.NET Resource, tutorials and free scripts.
ASP.NET Tutorial - with ASP.NET 2.0
ASP.NET Tutorial - ASP.NET Tutorial
ASP.NET 2.0 Quick Start Tutorial
C# Corner
 Where web developers and designers learn how to build websites, program in ASP.
Free ASP Scripts
ASP101.com- Sample ASP codes
4GuysFromRolla- Articles & Sample ASP codes
ASP Free codes
ASP Quick Lessons
ASP Alliance.com
 SQL Tutorials
SQL Syntax Reference
Access Topics
SQL (MySQL and Microsoft Access)
SQL Topics
SQL Tutorial
SQL Statement and Function Reference
 PHP Tutorials
PHP Tutorial
PHP MySQL Tutorial
Tizag - PHP Tutorial
Complete PHP Scripts
 The definitive JavaScript Resource. JavaScript tutorials and free JavaScripts.
Hints and Tips - Tips HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL & ASP
w3schools.com - Quick learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript & ASP
Sample JavaScript
Javascript Search
JS Examples.com
 Contains Software Developers resources as well as developers news, information,  tutorials, and directories for Internet technologies
All Developer Codes
Web Developers Tools
Free Web Templates
Free Site Templates